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5 Tips to Help Solve Your Live Sound Challenges

My recent article for covers 5 Tips to Help Solve Your Live Sound Challenges! Great for musicians, performers, band leaders and sound engineers!

I quickly cover:

  • How to reduce feedback,
  • Why the back of the microphone is just as important as the front
  • Where to put your monitor wedges
  • How to know what frequency ranges to adjust
  • How to set up your wireless mics for no interference
  • How to prepare a stage plot and input list

Start solving your sound challenges so you can have a better show tonight! Check out the article “5 Tips to Help Solve Your Live Sound Challenges” at

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Live Sound Challenges EQ chart Nicholas Radina Sound Nerds Unite

Nicholas Radina mixing monitors at Colorado's Red Rocks!

Path to success as a monitor engineer

This month for and Live Sound International Magazine, I offer my monitor engineer tips, tricks and “punts” for success while mixing IEM’s in the column, In Focus: Tips, Tricks & Punts — A primer on the path to success as a monitor engineer. Will you share your own tips and good ‘ole punts?

The sound engineers career path — why I think what matters most is you!

My February 2016 ProSoundWeb and Live Sound International Magazine article titled “The Way Forward on the Front Lines” was a blast to write! Through my own personal story I address what I believe are the fundamentals of growing and maintaining a successful career in live audio. These fundamentals are:

  1. talent
  2. taste
  3. hard work
  4. professionalism
  5. personality
  6. perspective

Please check out the article, if the content and ideas help you, please let me know and consider passing it along to others in your world that would benefit.

Next article I’ll be addressing the wireless RF beast and how to tame it!

Mixing tips and tricks — My new ProSoundWeb Article

Live Sound International Nicholas Radina

Hi Friends — happy to present the second installment of my live sound column in Live Sound International and ProSoundWeb! This month I delve into some approaches to mixing and your personal style.  Please share your tips and tricks, too by sending me an email!


Mixing Monitors from FOH — Live Sound International Article

I’m very prLive Sound International Nicholas Radinaoud to be aboard the Live Sound International and ProSoundWeb team to help bring some useful content and help to my fellow sound engineers. The column, “Flying Solo on the Front Lines” aims to share what I’ve learned over the past two decades in hopes of helping fellow “sound nerds” better deal with the challenges that lay before us day after day. Future topics will range from gear and maintenance to troubleshooting and organization, as well as advancing shows, client relations, work flow strategies, wireless challenges and of course, mixing tips and tricks. This first article addresses some workflow strategies for mixing monitors (wedges and in-ear monitors) from front of house, in addition to stage techniques to maximize monitoring success. If you’ve read the article, please post  or email your questions and additional tips!